A DUI Injury Case is a Rutter Mills Case

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A DUI Injury Case is a Rutter Mills Case

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How does a DUI or drunk driving case differ from other car accident lawsuits? Watch Brother Rutter as he explains more about DUI cases, why they may yield higher awards, and how we can help victims maximize their compensation.

[Video Transcription]

I want to talk to you for a minute about DUI cases. Those are cases where the defendant was drunk at the time of the automobile accident. Now, we all know that in a DUI case the defendant has a problem with the courts, with the police and may even go to jail. And they should. But, in a DUI case where there are injuries to you or your family, that drunken driver is also going to have a problem with us. And here’s why.

The damages in a DUI case can be much greater than in a regular automobile accident case. Usually, punitive damages are available in a drunk driving case. Punitive damages are meant to punish, thus the name “punitive damages”. You may have read about them in cases where there is egregious, terrible conduct by a corporation or by a person. And they normally have to pay damages for bodily injury they caused to somebody, but they also have to pay damages over and above that meant to send a message to them or to society about the conduct. Now, if you were involved in a case and the defendant was drunk, call Rutter Mills immediately. We specialize in these types of cases; we train on them all the time. We know how to present these cases to judges and juries to maximize your recovery and to make sure to maximize the punitive damages available in the case also. These can be complicated cases; they can be difficult cases. But they are, as much as any other case, a Rutter Mills case. Call us. Thank you.