The Importance of Staying in Medical Treatment

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The Importance of Staying in Medical Treatment

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Normally in order to win your disability claim, you have to, in part, prove you are disabled through your medical records. Your medical treatment and records document your conditions, symptoms, and impairments. What you may think about your case may be different than someone at Social Security who is reviewing your case. The people who review your claim do not know you and do not know how credible you may be. Think of it as trying to prove to a stranger that you are unable to work. You need medical proof to have an opportunity to win your case.

– Be compliant with treatment
– Follow your doctor’s recommendations
– Take your medications as prescribed
– Be honest with your doctors
– Tell them about all of your physical or mental problems, but never exaggerate
– Honesty is crucial in trying to prove to someone else you cannot work
If you win your social security disability claim you will be eligible for early Medicare coverage or Medicaid depending on whether you have Social Security Disability or SSI coverage.

However, in Virginia as in many states you, with some exceptions, cannot get such coverage without first being found disabled.
If you do not have health insurance and therefore have difficulty getting into regular treatment, there are some options for treatment, whether it is at a local free clinic or a low cost clinic. The disability attorneys at Rutter Mills can help you find places that may be able to treat you. Even if I cannot help you with your claim I can point you in the right direction to facilities who may be able to provide medical care for your disability.

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