Fall is in full effect!

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Fall is in full effect!

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Fall is in full effect! Amongst the colorful scenery and the cool crisp air come autumn dangers to be aware of while traveling to your destination.


As leaves begin to fall from the trees, roads may become hazardous. Driving through a patch of damp leaves creates a loss of traction that can result in driving difficulties. Leaves can also make it difficult to see potholes in the road. Drive slowly through these hazardous areas.


Children are back in school, which means you need to use extra precaution while driving in residential areas and school zones. These kids may be heading to their bus stops in the morning, or returning home in the afternoon. Slow down and be aware.


Fall weather tends to be unpredictable, with sunny days, frosty evenings, and sporadic showers. Car maintenance can reduce the risk of accidents during variable weather conditions. Make sure to replace your windshield wipers at least every two years. New blades will clear your view effectively. Also, check the condition of your tires. With frequent temperature changes, tires can lose air pressure – inflate when necessary. If the tread on your tires are low, consider replacing them before the cold weather sets in.

Stay safe on the roads this season!