Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day Weekend

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This weekend marks the unofficial “first days of summer”. This Memorial Day weekend, expect to find a rise in gas prices and heavy congestion on the roads. AAA predicts more than 923,000 vehicles will be present on the Virginia roadways this holiday weekend! Memorial Day weekend is a notoriously dangerous holiday synonymous with intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers, and an increase in traffic (and consequently road-rage). Although you may not be able to control gas prices or heavy traffic, you can certainly take steps to help control your personal safety.

Top 3 On-the-Go To-Do’s this Holiday Weekend (as well as any other driving occasion):
1. Keep an eye out for pedestrians and motorcyclists on the roads. These are our most vulnerable highway users, and it is all of our responsibility to keep our neighbors safe. Stay aware and alert.
2. Click it. Seat belts save lives during accidents – make sure you are wearing yours. Make sure your passenger is wearing theirs, too.
3. If you’ve had a few drinks, call a ride. Impaired drivers are a major cause of auto accidents on Memorial Day weekend. Don’t be a statistic. If you plan on drinking, plan to have someone else drive you home.

Be safe, and enjoy your holiday weekend!