Maritime Injury Lawyer Adam Lotkin: Thought Leader

Maritime Injury Lawyer Adam Lotkin: Thought Leader

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The maritime injury lawyers at Rutter Mills have been setting legal precedents for over 60 years and our attorneys are often recognized as thought leaders by the media, our clients, and their peers. So, it was no surprise when Lawyers Monthly, a legal magazine read by attorneys worldwide, reached out to one of our firm’s partners, Adam Lotkin, for answers to some tough questions about the hurdles lawyers face when representing victims in maritime cases.

Throughout the legal community, Adam Lotkin and the attorneys at Rutter Mills hold a reputation as some of the most knowledgeable maritime lawyers. Lotkin has been practicing law for nearly three decades and is a member of the Maritime Law Association. His peers recognize Adam as one of the nation’s best legal minds, with The National Trial Lawyers ranking him in the top 100 nationwide.

Working in one of the world’s largest port cities, Lotkin and the team at Rutter Mills handles some of the most prominent maritime cases in the US. The firm, led by C. Arthur Rutter, has won precedent-setting cases, helping to shape the history of maritime injury law. With over 90% of the world’s economy traveling over the ocean, there are countless accidents on the open seas, but only a handful of lawyers with the skill and expertise required to handle them.

It takes a special kind of lawyer to handle the work of a maritime case. With accidents that happen thousands of miles from land, and days, weeks, or even months passing before an injured person can disembark and seek legal help, gathering evidence to build an ironclad case is no easy task. Hurdles that are often straightforward on dry land can become exponentially more complex at sea.

Read here as Adam explains the countless obstacles that can make a maritime case much more complex than one on land and why you should only trust the best of the best to handle maritime legal cases.

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