Why You Need a Maritime Lawyer

Why You Need a Maritime Lawyer

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Not Just Any Lawyer – When Injured on the Water

If you are injured in a boating accident, filing a claim against the responsible party is much different than filing a claim after a car accident. Boating accidents on the water fall under federal maritime laws, while car accidents are subject to state personal injury laws. The process and factors involved in getting the compensation you deserve can be much different. Because of this, you are more likely to receive the full amount of compensation you deserve if you have the help of a skilled attorney with extensive experience in maritime law – one who knows the intricate differences between maritime law and state personal injury law.

Rutter Mills has been helping people successfully navigate maritime law for over 50 years. Our managing partner, C. Arthur (Brother) Rutter, III has served as President of the Admiralty and Maritime Law Association, has taught maritime law at the University of Richmond, and is a guest lecturer on the topic for attorneys across the country. This is why, if you find yourself in a boating accident this summer, don’t trust your case to any other firm.

Here are a few reasons why choosing a Rutter Mills maritime lawyer over just any personal injury law firm is important when you are injured in a boating accident.

Laws for Injuries on Land and Sea are Different

Injuries that occur on a vessel at sea are subject to federal maritime laws (regardless if you were working or pleasure boating). Injuries that occur on land are subject to state personal injury laws. The two types of laws are very different.

Timeframe for Filing Claim May be Shorter

If you are injured at sea, federal maritime laws often allow for a longer timeframe than state personal injury laws in which you must file a claim against the responsible party. But in certain cases – for example, if your injury was sustained on a cruise ship vacation – you may have only one year to file a claim.

The Factors for Compensation are Different

In accidents on land, state laws dictate what factors (such as pain and suffering) will contribute to the amount of compensation to which you are entitled. Factors that contribute to the amount of compensation you may receive may be different when you are injured on the water. This is especially true in wrongful death claims.

What Constitutes “Liability” for an Injury is Different

When injured on the water, there are very specific circumstances that must have occurred in order to claim liability against another person.

If you have been injured in a recreational boating accident, choose the personal injury attorneys with over 50 years of experience winning maritime cases. Choose Rutter Mills. Call or text us 24/7 (even on weekends and holidays) at 757-777-7777, or contact us today.