Did You Have a Depuy Hip Replacement?

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Did You Have a Depuy Hip Replacement?

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Johnson & Johnson, and it’s DePuy Orthopaedics subsidiary announced in August 2010 that it is recalling their hip implants due to a high rate of repeat surgeries needed by people who have received these hips. These defective hip implants have been causing discomfort, hip pain and swelling and difficulty walking in recipients of these products all over the country.

Below are the affected DePuy Hip Replacement Products:

– DePuy ASR (2005-2009)

– DePuy ASR-XL (2008 -2009)

Below is a brief timeline of the Depuy ASR Hip Recall:

– In 2005 the ASR was introduced in the US after Johnson and Johnson and DePuy got special permission from the FDA to skip clinical trials and begin selling right away. Many orthopedic doctors believe that the companies knew their device was flawed from the start.

– In 2008 a report to the British equivalent of the FDA finds “evidence of genetic damage in patients with certain metal hip implants such as the ASR”.

– In the same year, the FDA received 400 individual complaints from patients who received the ASR. 13% of the total ASR hip replacement patients required a revision to replace the device.

– In 2009 Depuy voluntarily withdrew the product from the Australia Market.

– In 2010 Johnson and Johnson and DePuy announced they will phase out sales of the ASR hip replacement and sends letters to doctors warning of high failure rate

– In August 2010, Johnson and Johnson announced a worldwide recall of the product.

If you are one of the 90,000 plus individuals suffering from a bad hip replacement, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the Virginia personal injury lawyers at Rutter Mills today for a free consultation of your legal rights today!