Disabling Brain Injuries Can Arise from a Single Concussion

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Disabling Brain Injuries Can Arise from a Single Concussion

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Concussions are fairly prevalent in auto and personal injury accidents. Unfortunately, many think they aren’t serious enough for medical attention. While concussions may be mild or severe, they do have the potential to cause serious and life-altering damage. A seemingly simple head injury can quickly spiral into a life-threatening brain injury, if the victim is not properly evaluated by a physician.

One of the most common kinds of traumatic brain injury is a concussion. It is defined as a closed-head injury that occurs when the brain is shaken back and forth in the skull during impact. No immediate pain or other symptoms may arise, but hours or days later, can cause rapidly deteriorating health.

So you think the injury is a concussion? What symptoms should you look for? Symptoms may include impaired consciousness, drowsiness, memory loss, slight headache, dizziness, nausea, glossy eyes, double vision, numbness, and loss of coordination. Even if the victim is conscious and functioning normally, the injury can still be very serious. The type of head injury and severity of the injury are very difficult for someone to assess on the scene of the accident. Make sure the victim receives medical attention.

What should you do while waiting for medical personnel? At the scene of an accident, please do the following. First, is the victim conscious? Support the head if unconscious. Is the victim’s airway blocked? Make sure to clear the airway if it is. If conscious, keep victim as calm as possible. Next, call emergency personnel if you or another witness has not done so already. Tend to external wounds and keep the victim warm. Make sure the victim continues breathing and/or talking. Never leave the injured person alone. The personal injury lawyers of Rutter Mills are always prepared to take your case in the event of a serious injury.

A concussion can be very serious following an accident. If you or a family member has suffered a head injury or other serious injury in a car or personal injury accident, the personal injury attorneys at Rutter Mills are here to help. Please contact our auto accident and personal injury law firm at 757-777-7777 today to arrange an appointment.