I’ve Been Denied Social Security Disability – Now What?


I’ve Been Denied Social Security Disability – Now What?

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If you have applied for social security disability benefits and your claim has been denied – don’t be scared. This may not be the end of the road. Most disability claims are initially denied. If you disagree with the decision, you have the right to an appeal. The appeal process allows you to bring new facts to the table, correct any errors and put your claim in front of a different case agent to review your claim.

Time is of the essence in the appeal process. You only have 60 days from the receipt of your rejection letter in order to file a written request to appeal. If you do not file your appeal within 60 days, you must start the process over with a new application. The “Request for Reconsideration” form or SSA-561-U2 is available on the https://www.ssa.gov/ website.

Your chances of having your appeal approved may significantly improve with the help of a qualified social security disability attorney. Our attorneys can look at your case and prepare it in a way the courts and the administration like to see. Additionally, our attorneys have handled thousands of these cases, and we know what the courts need to see to approve your case. If we meet with you and truly feel you qualify as disabled, we will do everything possible to fight for your rights and ensure you get the social security disability benefits you deserve.

We offer free consultations, so call us and tell us about your situation. Call our social security disability lawyers at 757-777-7777 today! We will do everything we can to help.