Stress Management to Ward Off Disability

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Stress Management to Ward Off Disability

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New studies have found a link between higher stress levels and poor coping skills to more serious, sometimes life-threatening, psychological and physical disorders. Individuals suffering from these disorders typically qualify for disability aid under programs like Social Security disability insurance. It has been proven that stress can lead to conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, and gastrointestinal problems. It may also cause heart disease and stroke; the No. 1 and No. 3 causes of death, respectively, in the United States. Clearly, stress can take a serious toll on your emotional and physical health. Let’s investigate into the why’s and then how to manage stress effectively.

With typically fast-paced and often overwhelming lifestyles, it is no wonder why many of us are overburdened. Tack on a layoff, money issues, a car accident, or poor health, and the stress may disrupt a balanced style of living. Stress can have damaging effects on the body; specifically its potential for self-healing. While we cannot avoid stress, managing stressful events is possible.

Managing stress in a healthy way can curb health problems and prevent stress-related diseases. There must be a balance between the mind and body. There are many activities and techniques to help you avoid triggering the stress response. Beginning a simple routine of walking, meditating or practicing yoga is very effective. Other stress-relieving activities are rowing, expressive writing, and deep breathing.

You can learn how to use your mind to evoke a calm, relaxed state, known as the ‘relaxation response’. Research shows that consistently inducing the relaxation response leads to long-term declines in high blood pressure. Meditation is not only a great activity to promote this, but also arouses neural activity because of the concentration needed to keep the mind from drifting. Aside from regular exercise and meditation, good and balanced nutrition is important for reducing stress. Also getting massages from a skilled practitioner can lower blood pressure, and may strengthen the immune system.

Stressful situations may elicit stress-related ailments. However, there are tools you can practice to reduce or eliminate these issues. Choose tools that work best for you and try them. If you are suffering from disability contact the Social Security Disability Lawyers of Rutter Mills for a free, no obligation consultation of your rights. You may be eligible for social security benefits from the federal government. Contact us today for a free consultation.