Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?


Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

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There are many of us who cannot work due to severe physical or mental disability. If you are unable to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. In 2012, 3.2 million people applied for SSD or SSI. Unfortunately, many who file for financial assistance are denied. The Social Security Administration denies roughly seventy-three percent of initial benefit applications. We recommend you contact a Social Security Disability attorney if your application is denied. Although each case is handled on an individual basis, these are common reasons why you did not receive benefits.

– Length of your disability

Oftentimes, claimants suffer from a bone fracture or other common injury that will heal within a year’s time. To qualify for benefits, your disability must last at least 12 month or result in your death.

-Your age

The chances of receiving benefits increase with age. Seniors 55 years or older are more likely to be given benefits. If you are younger than 55 years of age, your disability typically has to be deemed severe.

– You earn too much income

To receive benefits, your work income cannot excess the Substantial Gainful Activity limit. This figure is adjusted annually; in 2013, the SGA limit for non-blind people is $1,040. The more income you earn, the less your benefits will be.

– Your disability was the result of drug or alcohol addiction

If drugs or alcohol was a contributing factor in your disability, you may be denied benefits.

– You were convicted of a crime

Much like drugs or alcohol, if your crime resulted in injury, you may be denied. Another instance is if you were injured while in prison and are still serving time.

– Lack of medical evidence

You must have detailed documentation of your condition by a certified physician. Keep all your records and notes filed safely. These records are essential to grant your disability.

– You cannot be reached

You must be able to communicate with the SSA and the Disability Determination Service regarding your application. They must also be able to contact you. If you move to a new residence, make sure to notify them. If they cannot reach you, you may be denied benefits.

If your Social Security Disability claims have been denied, call a Social Security Disability lawyer immediately. You have 60 days to appeal your claim. A knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney, such as those at Rutter Mills Law Firm, can fight for your right for benefits. Please let us help you – call or text us today at 757-777-7777 to schedule an appointment.