Safely Securing Cargo – Do it the right way.

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Safely Securing Cargo – Do it the right way.

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Safely Securing Your Cargo – Do It The Right Way

Don’t Be This Guy

Whether you are transporting furniture, lumber, or landscaping equipment, make sure your items are secure. Not only will a secure load avoid an accident, but will also ensure your items remain undamaged. Hauling items can be a dangerous task, and can result in a deadly accident if not properly addressed. Statistics show that poorly loaded trucks are amongst the leading cause of truck accidents. According to AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, improperly loaded vehicles account for more than 25,000 crashes and approximately 90 deaths in the U.S. annually.

Clearly, losing your cargo can mean serious injury and major property damage to both your cargo and possibly others. Take the time to get it right and avoid disaster on the roads.


Remember Sanford & Sons?

We’ve all seen them – pickup trucks loaded sky-high with everything from furniture to bicycles, all held together by a piece of old rope and some bungee cords. A bump in the road or any sudden movement could cause the whole mess to come tunbling down. You don’t want to be that guy! For a thorough explanation of how to secure cargo, click here!

Tips to Secure Your Cargo

Avoid rope, twine, and bungee cords, which can weaken and break in an accident or large bump in the road. Instead, use proper heavy-duty ratchet straps when securing items.

Strap in items securely to avoid cargo from shifting. You should check your straps at least every 100 miles to ensure your items are still tightly secure.

Consider using a cargo net to prevent smaller items from flying out of the back of your truck bed.

Whatever it is that you’re loading, make sure to have it anchored to the truck bed or roof rack by making an ‘X’ with your straps.

If you’re hauling a load longer than your vehicle, attach a red flag or handkerchief to the end of the item to alert other drivers.


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Improperly loaded cargo creates a hazardous vehicle that can cause injuries and even fatalities. Both the driver and loader of the vehicle can be considered negligent in the event of an accident. If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a Rutter Mills attorney today at 757-777-7777.

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