Hazards to the Healthcare Worker

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Hazards to the Healthcare Worker

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Have you been injured working in the health field? Do you feel you haven’t been rightfully reimbursed for your injury? If so, Rutter Mills can help you receive proper compensation for your injuries and lost wage. We understand there are many hazards working in the healthcare field, and you may be injured as a result.

Studies have shown health care workers suffer more injuries than any other field of work in the United States. Risk factors in the healthcare system include monotonous repetition, high-intensity force, working in an unfavorable posture, contact stress, and application of vibration. As a result of working in the health care field, you can suffer anywhere from minor aches and pains to suffer from disease. What are ergonomic and physical hazards you may be faced with in this line of work?

Ergonomic Hazards:

– Awkward postures and Overexertion – Can cause strain and injury. Lower back disorders and injuries are commonly due to overexertion; the top cause of injury and illness for health care workers. These injuries can be caused by heavy lifting and carrying of items, or by standing for long periods of time.

– Repetitive Movements and Prolonged Activities – May lead to upper body disorders. Examples are hand, finger, and shoulder injuries and disorders.

– Contact Stress or Application of Vibration

– Poor Lighting – May force eye strain.

Physical Hazards may include the following:

– Slips and falls – Caused by wet floors, spills, clutter, and obstructions.

– Extreme Temperatures – Might cause burns to a worker.

– Noise and Violence

– Radiation

– Mechanical Hazards

– Harmful gases and chemicals

If you work in the healthcare field, make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Be conscious of hazards and follow proper precautions to avoid injury and illness. If you would like to file a worker’s compensation claim because of the negligence of your employer, please call Rutter Mills today. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers will fight to assure you receive proper compensation for your injury and lost wage.