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If you have been denied your Social Security Disability benefits, you always have the right to an appeal.  In fact, it is said that upwards of 85% of all applicants for Social Security Disability are initially denied.  If you are denied, it is extremely important to remember the 90 day window for an appeal.  After receiving your denial you have 90 days to file an appeal, otherwise you go back to square one and have to reapply from the beginning.  If you receive this denial letter, it is a great time to ccontact a Social Security Disability attorney to help you with the appeals process.

The Social Security Disability Lawyers of Rutter Mills have helped thousands of people receive their Social Security Disability benefits after being initially denied, and are here to help you with your claim.  If you or someone you know needs help with their Social Security Disability benefits, call the Personal Injury Attorneys of Rutter Mills today for a free, no obligation consultation of your legal rights.