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Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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    Virginia Beach is a popular destination for motorcyclists. The scenic roadways provide the kind of atmosphere that is ideal for this. Despite these positives, there can be serious consequences for cyclists. Collisions with other motorists can lead to long-term or permanent injuries. Thankfully, an experienced Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer could help you recover compensation following a serious collision.

    Pursuing a motorcycle accident claim can be complex, especially without the guidance of dedicated motorcycle accident lawyers. Reach out to Rutter Mills to learn how skilled legal counsel could help you get the most out of your claim.

    Common motorcycle accident injuries

    Motorcycles offer little protection for their riders in a collision. Unlike cars, these bikes offer no ability to absorb the impact of a crash. Because of this lack of protection, their injuries are usually worse.

    In addition, falling from a motorcycle into the path of another vehicle can also result in catastrophic injuries, such as:

    • Broken bones
    • Brain damage
    • Neck trauma
    • Burns
    • Amputation
    • Tendon and ligament injuries
    • Paralysis

    Dealing with the fallout of these serious injuries can be difficult on your own. A motorcycle accident attorney from our team could help you hold the other driver responsible for the crash accountable.

    Potential compensation in a motorcycle crash

    In general, two types of compensation are available. These are known as economic and non-economic damages.

    Economic damages relate to measurable financial losses in a crash. Typical examples can include medical bills, lost wages, and motorcycle repair expenses. Identifying these can be done by looking at invoices, bills, and receipts. Any loss that has a demonstrable value reflected in these documents is a form of economic loss.

    Non-economic losses are less objective. These losses, including compensation for pain and suffering or mental anguish, can vary in severity from one person to another. Because they are subjective, it is impossible to prove their value with documents like receipts or invoices. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer could assist you in obtaining the compensation for your non-economic losses that you deserve.

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    Getting the maximum recovery from your motorcycle accident claim is never guaranteed. The drivers responsible for these accidents often have insurance as well as their own legal counsel to advocate on their behalf.

    The experienced attorneys of Rutter Mills can help you even the playing field in a lawsuit. We are experienced in building a winning injury claim and can provide you with valuable insight into getting the most out of your case. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with Rutter Mills right away.

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