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    Dealing with an injury from a car accident, workplace neglect, or intentional harm can be extremely frustrating and expensive. If you or a loved one have experienced injury, a personal injury lawyer in Chesapeake, Virgin can get you a settlement to cover the extraneous cost of recovery expenses. When the costs related to your injury pile up, an attorney can help you file a claim so you can focus on moving forward and healing. 

    The Benefits of Hiring a Chesapeake Personal Injury Attorney

    A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process involved with submitting a claim. Filing a claim requires numerous documents and reports. On your own, building a solid case can be a real headache. 

    A skilled attorney can help you gather incident reports, witness statements, medical bills, and other important evidence you need. Not to mention, with a lawyer on your side, no stone will be left unturned when presenting your claim to insurance companies. Several attorneys at Rutter Mills have past experience as active lawyers for insurance companies, so we have an advantage in helping you understand exactly what is needed for a solid claim so your injury and any loss inflicted on you will receive financial coverage for the recovery treatments you may need.

    What Coverage Is Available For My Injury?

    Depending on the details of your injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the following expenses:

    • Medical costs: Ambulance rides, hospital treatment, and future care can take a financial toll on the wrongfully injured. 
    • Lost wages and income: Time spent at the hospital and in recovery prevent you from going to work.
    • Emotional trauma: Accidents can have devastating impacts on mental health and emotional wellbeing.
    • Diminished earning capacity: Your injury may prevent you from working at the level you were accustomed to. 
    • Medical assistive devices: You may require crutches, a wheelchair, or medication to recover from your injury.

    Our experience has trained us to look at every detail so nothing gets left out. We have the expertise to identify the amount of coverage you will need for the injury you’ve sustained through no fault of your own.

    How Soon Should I File My Claim In Chesapeake, VA?

    Virginia law states that a personal injury lawsuit must be filed no later than two years after the date of your injury. According to Virginia Code §8.01-243, if you are injured in a car accident, then the time window begins the day of the accident. It’s important to act quickly. If your claim is filed after the two-year time frame, you cannot receive compensation. Injuries under the surface often go unnoticed until later down the road – and the cost of coverage for medical treatments can pile high, fast. Don’t get caught in the whirlwind of medical fees without protection.

    A highly qualified lawyer can help you file well before deadlines and with complete accuracy. You won’t have to worry about your claim falling to the bottom of a stack of papers because of a careless paperwork mistake. A Chesapeake personal injury lawyer will help you file efficiently and fight for you to get the highest sum possible to cover your injuries.

    The statute of limitations may be different in your claim, as each case is unique. The only way to be sure of the time limit to file your claim is to contact a personal injury lawyer in Chesapeake. 

    Our Chesapeake, VA, Personal Injury Attorneys Have Experience with a Variety of Accidents

    There are many different types of accidents that can occur. The attorneys at Rutter Mills have experience representing injury matters including but not limited to:

    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Truck accidents
    • Catastrophic injury
    • Workplace accidents
    • Wrongful death
    • Medical malpractice
    • Product liability

    If you’re unsure your injury qualifies as a claim, contact our 24/7 team to learn more about how we can help you.

    A Personal Injury Attorney in Chesapeake Can Deal With the Insurance Companies for You

    Insurance companies aren’t eager to offer fair payment to those who have been wrongfully injured. Their legal teams will use every trick and loophole they can to ensure you receive as little compensation as possible. Luckily, our team of attorneys has decades of experience fighting insurance companies for proper compensation – some of whom have previously worked as insurance lawyers and know the ins-and-outs of insurance offers! We have specialized knowledge to calculate the real amount for your current suffering and even any future wages lost, and we’ll use that calculated sum to get you the money you deserve.

    Hiring an attorney levels the playing field against insurance companies and vastly increases the likelihood of a fair pay out that will fully cover the cost of your injury.  When you hire a law firm with the staff, lawyers, and resources like Rutter Mills to go up against insurance companies, you can rest assured ew will help you win back the rightful cost of your recovery – and win big.

    What You Say Can Affect Your Claim

    In the process of a claim, the person responsible for your injury will also hire a lawyer who can argue that you are partially responsible for the accident. It’s important to be aware of how you present your claim because Virginia law can prevent the wrongfully injured from receiving compensation if they are one percent responsible for the accident. 

    In some cases, a defendant will try to use this law to avoid paying you damages you deserve. An experienced Chesapeake personal injury attorney will be able to show the insurance company – or if it comes it, show the judge and jury at court – you are not responsible for the accident or your injuries. 

    Our Clients Hold Our Personal Injury Lawyers in High Regard

    Over the years, our lawyers at Rutter Mills have changed the lives of countless people. Our past clients understand our number one priority is to get the wrongfully injured the appropriate compensation. Whether from workplace negligence, an automobile crash, medical malpractice, or any other injury, our clients who’ve sustained injury receive expert legal counsel from highly experienced personal injury attorneys.

    Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Chesapeake Personal Injury Lawyers Today

    A 2017 study found that 91% of individuals who hire a personal injury lawyer receive financial compensation. That doesn’t come as a surprise, as injury attorneys are eager to use their wealth of knowledge and experience to get you the financial compensation you deserve. No one should have to pay for accidents caused by the recklessness or neglect of others. By hiring an attorney today, you could join the overwhelming number of people who have won their personal injury cases.

    Rutter Mills’ team of personal injury attorneys in Chesapeake, VA, are here to serve you. We do not charge any legal fees unless a settlement is reached or compensation is awarded. Call our office today or submit your case online to see if you qualify for a free personal injury consultation.

    Your Lawyer Matters

    When you’ve been injured, you’ve got a lot at stake - but so does the insurance company. Walking into the court room with a serious lawyer makes all the difference. Watch our video to learn more about Rutter Mills. Your lawyer matters.

    What Our Clients Say

    "I am so grateful and thankful that I chose Rutter Mills to handle my Social Security Disability Application! They completed and submitted the application on our very first office visit. My attorney and staff showed immediate knowledge and understanding of a very complex and time consuming process! I was kept informed and updated on the status of my claim. When I finally received confirmation that my claim had been approved, I couldn't have been any more pleased with my decision to hire Rutter Mills! Two big thumbs up for an awesome job!" ★★★★★ -Terry, Rutter Mills Client