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Gadolinium Lawsuit Settlement

Do you have symptoms of gadolinium contrast dye toxicity? The attorneys at Rutter Mills can determine if you have grounds to take legal action. This is your opportunity to have a confidential discussion with award-winning lawyers about your eligibility for a gadolinium lawsuit settlement.

A settlement can provide financial relief for plaintiffs who are saddled with medical bills, doctor’s fees, lost income from being unable to work, and other expenses related to their injuries. Keep in mind there is a very tight window of time for victims to seek legal compensation after a drug-related injury. This is known as the statute of limitations and varies from state to state.

If you had an MRI with a gadolinium-based contrast injection and developed severe health complications, litigation is an effective tool for seeking just reparations from negligent manufacturers. Protect your best interests and those of your family and find out if you qualify for pursuing a gadolinium lawsuit. Rutter Mills handles all gadolinium cases on a contingency basis, which means it costs you nothing to retain legal representation of the highest caliber.

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Allegations raised in gadolinium lawsuits

Mounting numbers of product liability complaints are being filed against the manufacturers of gadolinium-based contrast dyes. According to allegations raised in court documents, the defendants had knowledge about the risk of gadolinium retention in the brain and other organs, where the compound could cause toxic reactions, but failed to warn the medical community and the public at large. Anecdotal evidence has shown that pregnant women, patients with inflammatory diseases, children, and those who have undergone four or more contrast MRIs are at highest risk for gadolinium deposition disease.

In May of 2018, several GBCA manufacturers published a warning about gadolinium retention in patients with normal kidney function. The warning stated that linear gadolinium dye could remain the body for months or even years after being injected. Data shows that the areas with the highest level of gadolinium deposits are the bones, brain, kidney, spleen and liver.

Claimants who have filed a gadolinium toxicity lawsuit level allegations that GBCA makers like Bayer Healthcare, Guerbet, GE Healthcare and Bracco Diagnostics:

  • Withheld important safety information about gadolinium risks from patients and doctors
  • Failed to sufficiently research the potential side effects of gadolinium contrast dyes
  • Failed to investigate complaints of debilitating side effects in patients with normal renal function
  • Designed an MRI contrast agent that is unreasonably dangerous
  • Disseminated false or misleading information about its product to promote sales

Gadolinium lawsuit settlements may be available

Litigation arising from gadolinium toxicity injuries is still in its early stages. Thanks to recent FDA warnings for gadolinium-based contrast MRI agents, more people are becoming aware of the dye’s potential dangers. Historically, pharmaceutical companies will wait to negotiate mass tort settlements until the first few cases have been tried and they have clearer understanding of financial risk.

The amount received in a lawsuit settlement or verdict will hinge on the severity of a plaintiff’s injuries, and the economic and non-economic damages sustained. Non-economic damages are traditionally harder to prove without the resources of an established law firm. These damages are intended to reimburse plaintiffs for their emotional pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and negative impacts on daily life.

While it’s too soon to predict if gadolinium lawsuits will be resolved with a global settlement or tried individually, we do know that plaintiffs are demanding high damage awards for their pain and suffering.

In a highly publicized lawsuit, Chuck and Gena Norris are suing GBCA manufacturers for $10 million in damages for adverse effects on her health after several MRI scans with the contrast dye.

At this point a gadolinium class action lawsuit has not been filed, as cases are being pursued on an individual basis.

No fees unless we procure a gadolinium settlement

Burning pain throughout the body, brain fog, headaches and cognitive difficulties are some of the hallmark signs of gadolinium deposition disease following one or repeated contrast-enhanced MRIs.   

Rutter Mills has in-depth knowledge of the risks associated with GBCA’s and can outline your options for legal recourse during a complimentary case review. Our talented lawyers are prepared to bring their expertise, dedication and substantial resources to each and very case we take on.

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