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Side Impact Collision Lawyer

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    Every auto accident is a serious matter. But a side impact collision poses unique risks to vehicle occupants. Sorting out the consequences of these accidents usually takes the help of highly qualified side-impact collision lawyers.

    Explore the typical causes of side-impact collisions, the unique dangers these accidents pose, and the types of injuries they can inflict.

    Common causes of side-impact collisions

    Side-impact collisions kill more than 10,000 people each year. Many thousands more suffer devastating physical injuries. These crashes typically take one of two forms:

    1. The classic “T-bone collision”: These accidents often occur at intersections because one driver thinks they have the right-of-way.
    2. A sideswipe: When one vehicle strikes the side of the vehicle next to it. This most commonly occurs on multilane roads, where vehicles travel side-by-side in the same direction.

    What makes a side-impact collision so devastating

    Modern automobiles are equipped with multiple safety devices. Examples include seatbelts, airbags, shatterproof windshields, and antilock brakes.

    These innovations have saved many thousands of lives over the years. But they offer only limited protection when it comes to side-impact collisions. Here’s why:

    • Less space: The only things separating side impact victims from the oncoming automobile are a few thin layers of metal, plastic, and glass (and possibly an airbag). This leaves precious little room to safeguard against serious injuries.
    • More vulnerability: The unique trajectory of a side impact collision exposes not only the rib cage but the heart, lungs, and other internal organs to severe trauma.
    • Less warning: The attention of vehicle occupants is typically directed toward potential head-on threats. They’re unlikely to notice a danger coming at them from the side, robbing them of the few scant seconds they may otherwise have to prepare for the impact.

    Typical injuries inflicted by a side impact collision

    The specific injuries inflicted upon side impact victims depend to a large degree on their position in the automobile. Here’s what we mean:

    • Those on the side of the vehicle struck by the oncoming car are at high risk for the hip, pelvis, and chest-related injuries: Including a crushed rib cage, lacerated internal organs, and multiple broken bones.
    • Those on the opposite side of the vehicle are at heightened risk of neck or head trauma: Side impact collisions are one of the most frequent causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI). In severe cases, TBI patients may be unable to remember important facts or perform basic tasks.

    How to protect yourself from a side impact collision

    The best way to protect yourself from a side-impact crash is to practice the basics of defensive driving. These include:

    • Scanning the surrounding environment for potential threats: Is the other vehicle operating oddly or erratically? Does the driver seem angry, confused, or in a hurry? If so, then take extra precautions.
    • Focusing on your driving, not on other tasks: Countless accidents have been caused by drivers fiddling with the car stereo, texting on their phone, or engaging in conversations with other vehicle occupants.
    • Exercising particular caution at traffic lights: Make sure the vehicles around you are at a complete stop before you step on the gas. Watch out for motorists turning in your direction. Slow down when you see the signal turn yellow. Never try to run a red light.

    Determining who is at fault in a side impact collision

    Choosing which driver is to blame for a side-impact crash is often tricky. Here are some of the factors that can come into play:

    • Who had the right of way: In many cases, authorities can check the synchronization of the traffic light to determine which driver was in error.
    • Vehicle defects: For example, the automobile that struck your car may have had defective brakes. If this was the case, the fault might lie with the automaker, the vehicle owner, or the shop that services the vehicle.
    • External factors: Such as poor weather or reduced visibility.
    • The condition of the other driver: Were they tired, intoxicated, or distracted at the time of the accident?

    Sometimes multiple parties are to blame for a side collision accident. For example, the actions of a distracted driver can be exacerbated by a malfunctioning traffic light or missing stop sign.

    Proving your side of the story in a side-impact collision

    Knowing that you’re not to blame for an auto accident may give you peace of mind. But, it’s not enough to convince a judge, jury, or insurance examiner. Here’s what you should do to protect your driving record and safeguard your interests:

    • Make every reasonable effort to document the events of the accident: Such as noting the exact time and location, the weather conditions, and any other significant facts that come to mind. Of course, you should never do anything that may worsen your injuries or expose you to personal risk.
    • Contact law enforcement immediately: The sooner the police arrive, the sooner they can assist and complete an initial accident report.
    • Never imply or admit that you were to blame for the accident: Something as simple as an “I’m sorry” can negatively affect you later.

    We are seeking the help of a T-bone collision lawyer.

    The many complexities of a side impact accident make the assistance of a qualified broadside collision lawyer essential. But how do you choose between the many options available? Here’s what to look for when reviewing Virginia car accident attorneys:

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