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Protect Yourself with These 9 Mobile Apps

“I wonder if she got home safely.” “I wonder if I’ve waited long enough to drive after that drink.” “I wonder what I should do now that I’ve been in a car accident.” Have you ever found yourself pondering these situations? If so, there’s an app for that – all of that. We’ve created this […]

5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

Traffic safety is incredibly important during the Halloween season. According to the American Automobile Association and State Farm Insurance companies, Halloween is the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians. Children are especially vulnerable. According to a great child safety website, Safe Kids USA, twice as many children are likely to be killed by vehicles […]

How to Avoid Being Tricked by the Hospital After Your Injury

When you’re injured in a car accident, whose insurance should you bill for your medical bills, yours or the person who caused the accident? It might seem logical to use the defendant’s car insurance, but don’t!  Brother Rutter explains why to do this and how it can save you thousands of dollars. [Video Transcription] Hey […]

Dangers of Working with the Insurance Company Without a Lawyer

Is it OK to work with an insurance company without a lawyer to represent you and your interests? Sometimes the answer is “yes”. But there are cases in which you need a lawyer’s help. Brother Rutter explains the two things to look out for when working with an insurance company. Video Transcription This is Brother […]

A DUI Injury Case is a Rutter Mills Case

How does a DUI case differ from other car accident lawsuits? Watch Brother Rutter as he explains more about DUI cases, why they may yield higher awards, and how we can help victims maximize their compensation. [Video Transcription] I want to talk to you for a minute about DUI cases. Those are cases where the […]

Pedestrian Accidents Require Prompt Legal Attention – We Can Help

If you are ever hit by a vehicle while walking along the side of a road, in a crosswalk, a parking lot, or anywhere- you are most likely not at fault. Check out this quick video from Brother Rutter to learn more about what to do in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. [Video Transcription] […]

Is it Better to Give the Hospital Your Health or Auto Insurance?

When you receive treatment for an injury after a car accident, is it better to submit your health insurance or your auto insurance to cover the cost? Check out this brief video from our Managing Partner, Brother Rutter, to learn which option is in your best interest. [Video Transcription] Some health insurance providers, doctor’s offices, […]

Don’t Abbreviate 2020 on Legal Documents

Many people abbreviate when writing dates on checks and other legal documents. However, according to sources like Newsweek, police departments and consumer advocates are cautioning against this practice now that 2020 is here. What’s wrong with the MM/DD/YY format? Law enforcement says that shortening “2020” to just “20” can leave you open to fraud when […]

5 Facts to Remember Before Celebrating this New Year’s Eve

Here are some eye-opening facts and statistics from AAA & The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to think about before getting behind the wheel this New Year’s Eve:  DUI arrests peak between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  Across the country, 36 people, on average, were killed every day in crashes involving alcohol between 2001 and […]

Safety Tips for National Motorcycle Ride Day

The second Saturday in October is National Motorcycle Ride Day. This day is designated to get all motorcyclists in the USA out and on their motorcycles for a united day of riding. It’s a great day for communities to connect and enjoy a shared passion. It’s also a great time to review the fundamental tips […]

Summertime Swimming Pool Safety

Although a source of fun and entertainment, there is great responsibility and liability to owning a pool. Playing near or inside a swimming pool can lead to serious injuries such as slip-and-fall accidents, diving injuries, electrocution and drowning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 3,500 victims die each year in drowning-related […]

Thanksgiving Safety

More property damage and lives are lost in house fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year. The major culprit is cooking-related mishaps. Reports show roughly 2,000 Thanksgiving Day fires in residential buildings are reported to U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated average of 5 deaths, 25 injuries, and […]

The Importance of Staying in Medical Treatment

Normally in order to win your disability claim, you have to, in part, prove you are disabled through your medical records. Your medical treatment and records document your conditions, symptoms, and impairments. What you may think about your case may be different than someone at Social Security who is reviewing your case. The people who […]

Railroad Crossing Safety Tips

As long as roads and railroad tracks have coexisted, railroad crossings have been hotspots for collisions and serious injuries.  According to Operation Lifesaver, a non profit organization for rail safety education a person or vehicle is hit by a train every three hours.  While the frequency of these accidents is on the decline, railway related […]