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Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Lawsuit Information

The clock is already ticking. The time to file a Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit is now. Claimants have just two years from when the law went into effect to file.

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water  Lawsuit

A new law passed in August of 2022 enabled people who suffered because of exposure to toxic contaminants in the water supply at Camp Lejeune Marine Base in North Carolina to file a lawsuit against the government.

“This bill provides a mechanism for people to get the justice they deserve.” – Brother Rutter, Managing Partner, Rutter Mills

If you or your family have been impacted by these deadly toxins, call Rutter Mills today at 757-699-5009 to speak with a Camp Lejeune Justice Act Claim Specialist. We’ll help you navigate the complex process to get you the compensation you deserve.

Watch this video of Brother Rutter explaining what the Honoring Our Pact Act is and how it will help millions of veterans.

Honoring Our Pact Act Video

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    What is the Statute of Limitations for Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Claims?

    In the US, you can not sue the government unless Congress passes a bill allowing it. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act, as part of the PACT Act, does just that. It sets up the guidelines for injured parties to receive financial compensation to cover expenses and suffering related to toxic water exposure at Camp Lejeune prior to 1988. One of the limitations the government set up was a statute of limitations for filing a claim.

    The  Camp Lejeune Justice Act was included in the Honoring Our Pact Act President Biden signed after a sweeping bipartisan vote in Congress. Prior residents, government and civilian employees, and their families have less than two years to file in order to receive financial compensation.

    What if I Get Sick from Toxic Water Exposure in the Future?

    The law states, after 2 years from the date the law goes into effect, the courts will not accept any additional claims. After 2024, no new claims will be accepted, regardless of future diagnosis and impact.

    How Much Money Can I Get From a Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Lawsuit?

    While no amount of money can make up for the loss you may have experienced due to the negligence of officials at Marine Base Camp Lejeune, the courts have established a means to calculate amounts proportionate to the situation you’ve endured. On the first form you file in the Camp Lejeune toxic water lawsuit, you will need to fill in the amount of money you’re asking the government to pay you. If you don’t have experience with how the courts base injury verdict amounts, you may not know how to calculate the amount of money you deserve, potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

    The attorneys at Rutter Mills have been working with clients to fight for justice against large corporations and federal, state, and local governments for over 60 years. They know how to calculate the amount of financial impact your exposure has caused. Things like lost wages and medical expenses, and your pain and suffering are all considered. Those all combine to help assign a value to the “life you may have led,” if you had not been exposed to deadly toxins in your drinking water.

    Officials at Camp Lejeune knowingly exposed thousands of people to toxic chemicals. It’s time the government pays for its negligence. If you or a loved one worked at Camp Lejeune, call today to find out how the experienced attorneys at Rutter Mills can help you get the justice you deserve.

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