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Wrong Way Driving Accident Lawyers

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    Wrong way driving accidents are one of the reasons Virginians file wrongful death lawsuits. Rutter Mills attorneys in Hampton Roads have helped area residents with their auto accident claims since 1959. As a successful law firm, we work on contingency basis, meaning our clients pay nothing up front for our legal services.

    Virginia Statistics for Wrong Way Car Accidents

    Here are a few important facts about wrong way car accidents:

    • They’re relatively rare. Wrong way accidents represent only 2.8 percent of highway collisions.
    • The outcomes are particularly severe. The Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation found that wrong way accidents had a fatality rate 31 times greater on the interstate and 10 times greater on a four-lane highway than others types of accidents. The injury rate was 2.3 to 2.9 times worse.
    • Hundreds of people die in wrong way crashes each year. About 360 lives are lost in 260 fatal crashes.
    • Wrong way drivers are often drunk. One Virginia study found that 72 percent of wrong way drivers had been drinking. Most were above the legal limit at the time of the crash.
    • Wrong way drivers are often seniors. Senior citizens over 70 years of age are disproportionately involved in wrong way accidents. In fact, the number of wrong way drivers over 70 exceeds the number of right way drivers by 2.5 times. Those over 80 are 30 times more likely to be traveling in the wrong direction.

    In addition to intoxication and age, other driver-related factors in wrong way crashes include distraction, unfamiliarity with the roadways, drowsiness, and mental health problems. When motorists drive recklessly or negligently, they can be held liable for the victim’s family’s losses.  

    Sometimes local municipalities can also be held liable for:

    • Poorly marked ramps
    • Poorly placed or maintained signs
    • Poor ramp designs
    • Lack of visibility due to poor road maintenance

    Car accident lawyers will look into local crash reports to see if similar accidents occurred in that same location, if officials investigated road safety issues, and if citizens have filed similar complaints. Often times, better signage, lighting, road designs, and surveillance technology can greatly reduce the number of accidents.

    Wrong Way Driving Accident Laws in VA

    Unlike most states, the Commonwealth of Virginia follows a fault-based system. Those who are injured have the right to pursue compensation from the “at-fault” party or parties. In order to sue, the driver must have been 0% at-fault for causing the crash. If a wrong way driver was breaking the law in some way – such as texting, drinking, speeding, or driving without a valid license – then the issue of liability should be fairly straightforward.

    Even so, car crash attorneys often have to fight tooth and nail to secure fair compensation for families who have lost loved ones. Insurance companies seek to pay the lowest amount to settle the matter to maintain their profit margins. The at-fault party may also have an insurance policy limit too low to cover the extent of loss. A lawyer will help you determine who to name in the lawsuit, whether to file a claim under your own insurance policy, and how much to accept in a settlement. 

    How Much Money Can Wrong Way Driving Accident LawyersSecure On Your Behalf?

    While no result can be guaranteed, it is possible to see a substantial recovery.

    Damages in a wrong way accident may include:  

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering

    When the accident results in death, additional compensation can be granted for:

    • Funeral and burial expenses
    • Loss of income, healthcare, and retirement benefits
    • Loss of guidance, companionship, support, and solace

    Lawyers for Wrong Way Driving Accidents at Rutter Mills

    Lawyers for wrong way driving accidents can help you put the pieces of your life back together. First, our compassionate team will listen to your story. Then, our investigators will figure out what exactly happened, who is liable, and how much has been lost. Our expert panel will testify on your behalf to strengthen your case.

    We know a fair settlement offer when we see one. We won’t settle for less than what your case is truly worth. Your family deserves ample compensation, so you don’t have to live the rest of your days in the shadow of financial hardship through no fault of your own. Those who drive recklessly need to be held accountable to prevent future tragedies from impacting others.

    Contact us to set up a free consultation with a car accident attorney in Virginia. Our legal fees come out of successful settlements and verdicts, so there is no risk in seeking the best possible representation. We have two offices in Norfolk and Newport News serving the local communities, as well as Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, and Portsmouth.  

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