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It’s springtime, and as temperatures increase more and more motorcyclists are hitting the road.  While drivers should always be aware of motorcycles on the road, spring is a particularly dangerous time for motorcycle-related accidents as drivers aren’t as used to seeing them on the road.

Motorcycles make up only about 3% of the total motor vehicles on the road, but motorcycle fatalities account for 11% of all highway fatalities each year.  Another troubling statistic is while only 20% of auto accidents result in injury or death, over 80% of motorcycle accidents do.

Motorcycles on highways

There are numerous safety tips riders should follow, but all drivers bear a burden of responsibility for their safety. Drivers need to be more aware of motorcycles on the roads and highways.  A few tips for drivers to consider when driving to beware of motorcycles on the roads:

– Always search the traffic around you and be aware of the vehicles and motorcycles surrounding you

– Check your blind spots and use signals before changing lanes or merging

– Double-check traffic at intersections before turning or pulling out

– Be aware motorcycles can easily be hidden in traffic.  Look for a helmet above, tires below, or a shadow next to a vehicle you can’t see around.

– Allow a 3-second cushion of driving space when following a motorcycle

– Watch out when turning left.  Most crashes between cars and motorcycles involve turning left at an intersection.  Because of their relative size, it is harder to see motorcycles and to judge their approach speed.

Being aware of your surroundings on the road can go a long way in avoiding accidents.  Now that spring has sprung, be sure to be on the look out for motorcycles on the roads.

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