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When workplace injuries occur in Virginia, workers’ compensation laws are there to offer the benefit of financial support. These laws are intended to provide injured workers with compensation and medical benefits while they recover from work-related injuries– without having to prove their employer was negligent. Despite this “no-fault” system, the reality is that employers and their insurance companies work tirelessly to avoid paying benefits. If this has happened to you, fight back with the help of our team of workers’ compensation lawyers.

The benefits that come with a successful claim could be life-changing for you and your family. From medical bills to disability payments, this compensation could be the difference between making ends meet and financial ruin. The attorneys of Rutter Mills are dedicated to helping you obtain the benefits you deserve. We have served as a personal injury and workers’ comp law firm for more than 50 years and look forward to putting that experience to work for you.

Choosing a doctor after a workplace accident

Unfortunately, Virginia law gives your employer a say in your medical treatment after a workplace accident. That does not mean they are allowed to handpick your care provider, however. Under the rules, you have the right to select your treating physician.

That said, your employer can limit your options. While you choose your doctor, the choice must be from one of the options provided to you by your employer or their insurance company. Shortly after you notify your employer of the injury, they should provide you with a panel of physicians you can choose from. While the panel is their decision, your workers’ comp lawyers can lobby them to include doctors of your choosing on the panel.

There are rules regarding the selection of this panel that the insurance company must follow. The panel must offer at least three doctors that work independently of each other. If there are less than three doctors from competing offices, it is defective under the law.

Speaking with the insurance company

Shortly after the accident, an adjuster for the insurance company may ask for a recorded statement. While you must comply with the rules of the process and even proceed with a medical examination at the employer’s request, you are under no obligation to speak directly with an insurance adjuster. These adjusters might be friendly, but they are looking out for their employer’s interests. Anything you say that could be misconstrued likely will. In some cases, claims are denied entirely based on statements made by an injured worker to an adjuster.

You have the right to have an advocate deal directly with the insurance companies for you. Your workers’ compensation attorneys can do this, so you do not have to.

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