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Because of your total disability, you can no longer hold a job. Of course, that puts you in financial peril—with fear and anxiety about your future. However, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This is a program run by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help the disabled who are not yet old enough to receive standard benefits. The application process is complex, so obtaining legal counsel with expertise in this field is advisable.

Our Virginia Social Security lawyers at Rutter Mills will determine which benefits you are entitled to, assist in completing your forms and application, as well as gathering the medical evidence necessary to support your claim. We also ensure that appeals are filed on time. For over 50 years, our dedicated team has helped disabled clients receive the benefits they deserve.

SSDI Eligibility

Those eligible must provide medical evidence that their condition will persist for more than one year or will end at death. In addition, the person must have sufficient Social Security credits to qualify. However, if you’ve worked full-time for at least five out of the last ten years—you will have sufficient credits.

Again, if you are capable of any full-time work, you are not eligible for SSDI. SSA also takes into consideration the applicant’s age, education, prior work history, skills, and other factors when deciding whether the person is incapable of gainful employment.

SSDI Application

Most initial applications for SSDI are rejected. That is due for several reasons, but improper paperwork or inadequate medical records are among the most common. Applicants may appeal the denial within sixty days of the decision.

Our Virginia lawyers for Social Security disability can help you with an appeal if you filed an initial application on your own and received a denial. Many times, this appeal is also denied, but that is not the end of the matter.

The next step is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, for which we thoroughly prepare our clients. At that time, we can present expert witnesses to testify about the disability and your limitations, as well as cross-examine any of the SSA witnesses. Your friends and family may also testify about how the disability has affected your life.

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As a first step, the Portsmouth personal injury lawyers at Rutter Mills evaluate your case to see if you are eligible for SSDI or other programs, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The latter is for disabled individuals with low incomes and few assets. If you qualify, we can start your application process. Contact us via our online form or call or text 24/7 to arrange a free consultation. There is never a fee unless we obtain benefits for you.

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"I am so grateful and thankful that I chose Rutter Mills to handle my Social Security Disability Application! They completed and submitted the application on our very first office visit. My attorney and staff showed immediate knowledge and understanding of a very complex and time consuming process! I was kept informed and updated on the status of my claim. When I finally received confirmation that my claim had been approved, I couldn't have been any more pleased with my decision to hire Rutter Mills! Two big thumbs up for an awesome job!" ★★★★★ -Terry, Rutter Mills Client