Spring Means More Bikes & Pedestrians on Roadways

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Spring Means More Bikes & Pedestrians on Roadways

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It is almost May, and all across Virginia, it is clear that Spring has sprung. Along with the warm weather comes an influx of additional traffic on our roadways in the way of bikers and pedestrians out looking to enjoy the weather. Over the course of the winter months, drivers for the most part have had the roads to themselves and need to readjust to the new members of the roads. As with most defensive driving, awareness is key to avoiding auto accidents with pedestrians and bikers. Be aware of the increased presence of these travelers, and double-check your blind spots and turn radiuses for what may seem like smaller objects in the form of pedestrians and bikers.

As personal injury attorneys in the state of Virginia, we see more than our fair share of accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians, and they are more often than not extremely serious. So now that spring is in the air, be careful and mindful of those we share our roads with. If you are the pedestrian or biker in this scenario, there here are a few recommendations to keep you safe as well. As always, remember if you are hurt in an auto accident, contact the personal injury attorneys of Rutter Mills for a free, no-obligation consultation of your legal rights.


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