College Student Receives $490,000 Auto Accident Settlement

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College Student Receives $490,000 Auto Accident Settlement

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A college student was awarded a $490,000 Personal Injury Settlement for serious injuries sustained in a May 2008 auto accident. The student was a passenger in a vehicle that was transporting him back to his college campus. The driver was exceeding the speed limit and lost control of the vehicle causing it to roll several times. The victim sustained serious injuries including a fractured clavicle, hand, and wrist, and a partial amputation of his toe.

The victim, represented by the car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills, filed liability claims against the vehicle owner’s insurance carrier and the driver’s personal car insurance carrier, which ultimately led to a $490,000 settlement.

If you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence, call the Personal Injury Attorneys at Rutter Mills for a free consultation of your rights.


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