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    If you are recovering from a truck accident injury, you likely familiar with the challenges of your recovery. Many injuries have long-term debilitating effects. From pain to disability, an accident turns your life upside down. If it occurred through no fault of your own, our team of Suffolk truck accident lawyers might be able to ease your burden.

    If another person or entity is responsible for your injuries, you could hold them accountable through a civil lawsuit. If successful, this legal action could provide you with monetary compensation for your medical bills, pain, and other related damages. The truck accident lawyers of Rutter Mills stand ready to review your case and advise you of your options for recovery.

    Common causes of commercial truck accidents

    Understanding how a truck accident occurs is a vital part of investigating an injury claim. It can also help you demonstrate liability, which can also assist your truck accident attorneys in determining the at-fault parties. In many cases, more than one defendant is appropriate in a lawsuit. A successful investigation could uncover all of them. Common causes include:

    • Intoxicated truck operators
    • Truck drivers in too much of a hurry to get to their destination
    • Fatigued truck operators
    • Negligent or aggressive driving
    • Overloaded commercial trucks
    • Negligent truck maintenance
    • Poor road conditions
    • Mechanical defects

    Any of these factors could lead to a crash. When these factors combine, the result is often more severe.

    Potential defendants

    Once you have determined the cause, you can consider the appropriate defendants in a lawsuit. Many of these cases involve suing the operator of the truck. After all, driver negligence is a common factor.

    You might also be able to pursue legal action against their employer. If the driver were operating within the scope of their employment, their company could face liability as well. You could also sue the trucking company if they were negligent in hiring the driver or maintaining the condition of the vehicle.

    When truck parts are defective, they could also cause a wreck. Failures in the braking system, steering wheel, headlights, or transmission routinely lead to accidents. When this happens, you could bring a civil suit against the manufacturer.

    Finally, it may be possible to sue local or state government entities. If the accident occurred due to poor road conditions, you might be able to seek legal action against the government entity responsible for that stretch of road.

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    An experienced personal injury attorney could make the difference between maximizing your financial recovery after a truck crash and walking away empty-handed.

    At Rutter Mills, we know how vital this compensation is– which is why we dedicate our practice to helping individuals like you. To learn how we could guide you through the litigation process, schedule a free consultation right away.

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