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    Motor vehicle accidents are always stressful and potentially dangerous, but collisions between a truck and a car are among the worst in terms of severe injuries and fatalities. Those surviving the crash face weeks or months in the hospital. In addition, they cannot work and support themselves and their families. Life as they once knew it– is over.

    When truck accidents occur, several parties beyond the driver are often at fault. Our truck accident lawyers at Rutter Mills will hold those responsible for your injuries accountable and help you receive the compensation you deserve. For more than 50 years, we have helped clients who have been hurt due to another party’s negligence, and our record speaks for itself.

    Truck Accident Types

    Multiple issues can cause truck accidents, but these massive vehicles are prone to jackknifing, overturning, as well as tire or brake failure. Other causes include:

    • Driver under the influence
    • Distracted driving
    • Driver fatigue
    • Cargo shifting or falling
    • Bad weather
    • Poor road conditions

    Also, some accidents are the result of cargo exiting the vehicle or blown tires, causing traffic pileups on highways.

    Truck Accident Injuries

    Many injuries are catastrophic, resulting in severe and permanent impairment. Even if a person does recover, the road to recuperation is often long and difficult, and the individual may end up with considerable limitations. Common serious injuries include:

    • Burns
    • Internal organ damage
    • Loss of limbs
    • Multiple fractures
    • Spinal cord damage
    • Traumatic brain injury

    Truck Accident Liability

    If the truck caused the accident, a thorough investigation is necessary to determine who was at fault. The frequent culprits include not only the driver but:

    • The trucking company
    • The company loading the cargo
    • The manufacturer, if a defect caused the crash
    • Maintenance companies, if improper work was done
    • Municipalities, if poor road maintenance or signage played a role

    After an accident, do not agree to any settlement with a trucking company until obtaining legal advice. What may sound like a reasonable sum to a seriously injured individual may not prove enough to take care of long-term needs. An attorney knows a fair settlement value based on your injuries and prognosis.

    Truck Accident Damages

    In Virginia, damages, or compensation, may include:

    • Medical expenses, present, and future
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Property damage
    • Loss of earning potential

    Unfortunately, many individuals succumb to their injuries. In such tragic circumstances, family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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