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The Virginia State DMV just released their final crash statistics for 2010, and the overall numbers show some very encouraging numbers for Virginia Drivers.  While there is always room for improvement the fact that 2010 saw a decrease in accidents, injuries, and fatalities is a huge step in the right direction. Additionally, alcohol related accidents and fatalities also saw a marked decrease in 2010.

As Car Accident Attorneys, we see the devastating effects of these types of accidents and injuries on a daily basis.  While this past year saw a decrease in auto accident injuries and fatalities, we all need to continue to do our part to make the roadways a safer place.

Below are some of the key statistics from the Virginia DMV report:

Overall Statistics

740 people were killed on the VA roadways, a 2.12% decrease from 2009

61418 persons were injured, a 2.47% decrease from 2009

Alcohol-Related Statistics
274 persons were killed in alcohol-related crashes, a 13.29% decrease from 2009
5578 persons were injured in alcohol-related crashes, a 10.84% decrease from 2009

Speed-Related Statistics
294 persons were killed in speed-related crashes, a 5.16% decrease from 2009
14,406 persons were injured in speed-related crashes, a 5.01% decrease from 2009

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