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An accident by definition is something that happens when something occurs unexpectedly or unintentionally. Because we as drivers have to make conscious decisions on the road, auto accidents do not always fall under this definition. The Car Accident Attorneys of Rutter Mills know this as well as anyone else. We choose whether or not to drive the speed limit or to obey traffic rules and regulations. Choosing not to obey these laws is an intentional act with expected outcomes.

The selfish act of driving carelessly causes lives to be changed through death or injury on a daily basis. According to the National Car Accident Statistics, excessive speed is the second most common cause of deadly auto accidents, which accounts for about 30% of all fatal accidents in the U.S.

Accidents caused by speeding aren’t really accidents at all. They are potentially devastating events that could have been prevented if the driver stayed within the limits of the law. Watch your speed out there folks, it really isn’t worth it.

If you’ve been in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call the Car Accident Attorneys of Rutter Mills to represent you.