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DUIDWI Attorneys in Virginia 107 A new law in the state of Virginia has cracked down on drivers who are convicted of DUI.  Beginning 7/1/12 anyone convicted of driving under the influence will be required to have their car equipped with an ignition interlock device.  The required device is a personal Breathalyzer that drivers must blow into before the vehicle will start.  Even a trace amount of alcohol in the drivers’ system will prevent the car from starting.

This new law is just one of many measures that the state is taking to crack down on DUI’s.  In 2010 37% of fatal accidents in the state of Virginia were alcohol related.  While many may object to certain details of this new law, the fact remains that DUI’s are a real problem in our state and our country.

As auto accident lawyers in the state of Virginia, we see our fair share of injuries caused by drunk drivers.  Many of these accidents are absolute tragedies where a client was struck by a drunk driver causing serious injuries and even death.  Every one of these accidents is a tragedy and can be prevented by drivers choosing to make the right decision.
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