Jury Awards Our Client $513,000 for Truck Accident Injury

Jury Awards Our Client $513,000 for Truck Accident Injury

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Our client, a 43-year-old Virginia Beach resident, was injured when his truck was struck on the interstate by an uninsured driver who lost control entering the highway and t-boned our client. Our client’s truck spun and hit the jersey wall multiple times, causing him to re-injure his neck. After a year and half of therapy, injections, and other treatments, he had cervical fusion surgery to stabilize and address a badly herniated disk.

Our client had a history of neck problems for years but was an avid runner, marathoner, and triathlete before the collision. The defense insurance company refused to believe that the surgery was the direct result of the truck accident. They hired a local orthopedic doctor to testify that the surgery was unrelated and thus never offered a penny to settle the case.

As a result, Rutter Mills attorneys Adam Lotkin and Georgina Montgomery brought the case to trial. They fought for our client and the jury agreed that the crash changed our client’s life, impeded his goals, and caused injuries that required extensive treatment, including neck surgery. While the defense attorney implored the jury to award only $5,000, Rutter Mills requested an award of $500,000. After less than two hours of deliberation, the jury awarded our client a sum of $513,000. Rutter Mills, including the entire team of truck accident lawyers is thrilled to have helped our client receive justice.

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