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Maritime Injury Lawyer Adam Lotkin: Thought Leader

Our attorneys are often recognized as thought leaders by the media, our clients, and their peers. So, it was no surprise when Lawyers Monthly, a legal magazine read by attorneys around the world, reached out to one of our firm's partners, Adam Lotkin, for answers to some tough questions about the hurdles lawyers face when handling maritime injury cases.

Maritime Law Info
Posted on Mar 22, 2023

Here’s When You Need a Maritime Lawyer, Not Just Any Lawyer

If you are injured on the water – during work or recreation – the process and factors involved in getting the compensation you deserve will be much different than after a car accident. Check out this quick video from Brother Rutter to learn more! [2.5 minute video] [Transcription] This is Brother Rutter. I want to […]

Maritime Law Info
Posted on May 18, 2020

Why You Need a Maritime Lawyer

Not Just Any Lawyer – When Injured on the Water If you are injured in a boating accident, filing a claim against the responsible party is much different than filing a claim after a car accident. Boating accidents on the water fall under federal maritime laws, while car accidents are subject to state personal injury […]

Maritime Law Info
Posted on Jun 03, 2016